Fiction Recently Edited


Partial List of Fiction Recently Edited


(Since setting up this website in 2011, I've branched out into editing fiction. For the last three years, almost half of the books I've edited have been novels—including quite a few sci-fi thrillers—but I list here only books that I know have been published. Sometimes it takes authors a while to get their books in  print if they're seeking a traditional publisher.)

The Scorch of a Skilten (young adult fantasy/dystopian novel), Zaman, Penny Press, 2014

Destiny's Crucible series (sci-fi thriller), Thorensen: Book 1, Cast Under an Alien Sun, self-published, 2016;  Book 2, The Pen and the Sword, self-published, 2016; Book 3, Heavier Than a Mountain, self-published (January 2017)

Chakaura: Awakening the Muse (spiritual), St.Amour, Chakaura Publishing, 2016

Shock of Fate (young adult epic fantasy), Armillei (forthcoming, 2017)